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Exclusive DAN Member Benefits:

Dan Business Member

  • 24-Hour DAN TravelAssist
    As a DAN Member, you automatically receive DAN TravelAssist and up to $100,000 of evacuation assistance coverage. Effective for both diving and non-diving injuries, this benefit is provided by AIG Travel Assist, a world leader in emergency evacuation services. Your evacuation coverage begins when you are traveling at least 50 miles/80 km from home and call DAN TravelAssist to arrange your evacuation.
  • Alert Diver, DAN's Award-Winning Magazine
    You can't get diving's leading dive safety publication unless you're a DAN Member. Alert Diver Magazine keeps you up-to-date on the latest diving research as well as provides special information you can use to make your next dive safer and more enjoyable.
  • WorldcuePlanner™ Real-Time Travel Intelligence® Resource
    DAN Members get exclusive access to WorldcuePlanner, the same travel intelligence resource already being used by top government officials, corporate executives and travel agents to enhance travel plans and avoid potential difficulties while traveling.
  • DAN Dive and Travel Medical Guide
    With extensive coverage of diving safety and health issues and the latest information on dive travel safety, the updated DAN Dive and Travel Medical Guide is an essential tool for prevention, identification and treatment of diving injuries. It's an automatic benefit of DAN membership.
  • Online seminars
    DAN offers informative, web-based seminars to allow divers to learn about diving and dive medicine in the comfort of their own home. These seminars are available only to DAN Members.

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