Go Pro

Digital Photographer (Media) Instructor
Course Overview

As a diving professional, you will benefit from being able to not just snap a picture, but to function as a professional photographer. Now, this does not mean having to be a National Geographic level photographer. More likely, you will be asked to produce usable photos of customers for them to purchase. The key to being a basic professional photographer is being able to capture an image and know you have it. Along with that, is all the other components of good photography. But, the basic tenet is knowing you have a great photo image when you shoot it. The Advanced Photography program is designed to allow you to develop your abilities as a professional photographer.

The Course covers:
• Basic Exposure Control 
• Getting the image every time, well almost every time. 
• Photo Theory
• Light Theory
• Depth of Field 
• Composition
• Rule of Thirds
• Light Value
• Multiple Strobes
• Auto Limitations
• Going Manual - The Big Leap
• Advanced Techniques
This course is essential to every dive professional that wishes to work in the dive industry connected to an operation that has a photo program. If you plan to teach underwater photography, you will be expected to be able to function as a basic photo pro. Why not have the confidence to do that right off the bat?  You will have a real advantage over other dive professionals when you are comfortable as a working photographer.. The course is five days.

Course Prerequisites
To be eligible to participate in this Instructor Course, you must meet the following requirements:
  • Be an current Scuba Instructor.
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Please note - practical sessions require a minimum number of participants. The schedule may be subject to change or cancellation. Please do not make travel arrangements before you are a confirmed participant.