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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers -
  • Is a physical required for diving at Camp during the Summer BSA program? Can I use the BSA medical forms instead?
ONLY the PADI RSTC Medical Form is allowed for all divers. Boy Scouts require that anyone who will be diving at camp have this form signed by a doctor. The BSA medical is not sufficient for divers.  It is up to your physician if they require a physical, not us.
  • How do I know if I (or a scout) am ready to do the  Rugged SCUBA program? (maturity, physically, mentally, etc etc)
 According to the PADI, Professional Association of Dive Instructors, children can be certified at 10 years old as Junior Open Water divers. The age limit at BSA Camp is 12 years old and up. This is more than a guideline, it is a hard rule. However, your child can start to learn about diving at any age. They can begin to swim and snorkel (join a Skin Diver program first) and perfect many of the skills that are used in SCUBA diving without even taking SCUBA lesson. Through the Bubblemaker program, PADI also allows children from 8 years old and up to begin SCUBA diving in the pool as long as the depth is limited to no more than 6 feet deep and they are under the supervision of a PADI instructor. SCUBA BSA or Discover SCUBA Diving is an excellent program to access readiness before committing to a PADI Open Water or Rugged SCUBA program. Malibu Divers offers this program at Camp and also at our store.

Of course, all children (and adults) must also met the dive medical standards that have been established. Regardless of the age rules, a parent and guardian would need to be realistic about their children's ability and maturity to pay attention, listen and follow directions from their instructor.  It's important that earning a SCUBA certification is based on a personal desire to learn and not feel pressured to learn.  Certification is not guaranteed and is performance based. So if you don't finish or need more time to learn, you can schedule for additional time or come back for more training within one year from the last day attended. 

Additionally, while SCUBA diving is available to the vast majority of people of all sizes and shapes, a diver must be a swimmer, and comfortable in the water. Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts organizations have their own age rules (that supersede) that children need to be at least 12 years old and various other scout requirements.
  • What is the information you need to register for Specialty or Discover Local Diving or SCUBA BSA?
Email (one for scout, one for parent if possible please)
phone # (designate; cell, home, etc)
Date of Birth
Home address
Parent name and contact phone #
Troop #
Height, Weight & Shoe Size
**Payment is expected (either credit card or check) at the time of registration. Additional dives can be booked and paid for at camp.

Here is a link to the Specialties Page on our website
As far as cost goes,
2 dive Specialties run $99 - $165
3 dive Specialties run $199-$249
4 dive (Search & Recovery) runs $239
  • I’d like to register for your _______ course, if you don’t get the minimum number of participants, what happens?
You will be contacted if we do not get the minimum number about 1-2 weeks out you will be offered an alternative program of diving or moved to another scheduled week or local Malibu Diver program or a full refund. 
  • Can I bring a camera or GoPro on my dives?
If you bring an underwater camera or GoPro to camp, if you are in training, you will not be allowed to use it. Otherwise on non training dives, you must have a clip to hold it, so you can let go of it at any time for safety reasons. If it becomes an issue to safety, you will be asked to not take it.  Most everyone has a camera or video these days. Most everyone who uses it take pretty average photos or video. Learn how to get better at taking video or photos with training. It makes a difference. Taking images or video underwater is a lot harder than it looks.
  • I was wondering if many people bring divers watches and/or cameras to use during the course. If so, do you sell them there or do you have reasonably priced models you recommend we purchase in advance?

As far as timing devices go, with the exception of the Scuba BSA (non certified divers) program; (certified) divers need to have a means of tracking their bottom time, in order stay within time and depth limits. Keeping track of bottom time is one of the biggest mistakes divers make. They cannot count on someone else to do it. If you are a certified diver, you must keep track of your own bottom time. Period. Dive computer or watch. We have a good selection of Dive Watches, priced from $60-$130 (both GShock style digital and analog) and some very nice wrist mounted dive computers (the Suunto Zoop and the AquaLung i300) priced around $300. Cameras vs GoPro; I always ask people what are they primarily planning on doing. If they are planning on mainly shooting pictures, then an underwater camera (we like the SeaLife models). If you are primarily planning on shooting video, then the GoPro (we have the Hero models for sale at camp). If you want to switch back and forth easily between the two formats, we like the SeaLife cameras. We have the SeaLife DC2000 and the Micro HD available here at Malibu Divers.

  • Does anyone from the staff take video or pictures during the week that we can get access to?

We have Staff available to shoot if you are interested and we charge a flat fee per day or per week or can put photos/videos up in our gallery for purchase or some combination of sorts.  If you would like to get a good set of pics and video to document the experience, we can be hired to provide that for your group.

  • Do we need wetsuits? Any diving gear we need to bring? 

Rugged Scuba is provided with snorkel package of mask, snorkel, fins, boots, gloves, and small gear bag to keep, and all other SCUBA diving gear is provided. Rugged O (Advanced Open Water) and all Certified Divers, we recommend that you bring your snorkel package and any other SCUBA gear you own. We do have SCUBA gear at the Dive Locker but it may be limited in sizes and quantities during busy weeks. Non divers who signup for Scuba BSA (Discover Scuba Diving) will be provided with all of their snorkel and SCUBA gear.

  • Can Adult Leaders join any of the classes?

It is absolutely okay for Adult Leaders to join the class(es) also. If a person has not been diving for 2 years or more we highly recommend a Refresher done either at home prior to coming to camp or at camp. PADI refresher is called either Scuba Tune-Up or Reactivate. If done at camp, the cost is either $139 (book) or $169 (on line home study).

  • If we are interested in any specialty dives for night diving certification, do we sign up at camp? 
You can sign up at camp but we recommend any anticipated training programs be signed up in advance by calling (310) 456-2396 or send us an email at  It helps to ensure you have the training materials in advance and our staff planning of our schedule for the week.  Also, you must do a Checkout or Discover Local dive before you can do any night diving or specialty training.
  • Any online courses needed? 
Yes! Rugged SCUBA, Rugged Oceanographers and Rugged Rescue require the completion of online courses before coming to camp. Remember to print your completion report and bring it to camp. If you are interested in PPB, peak performance buoyancy,  or a SCUBA Tuneup/Review or Digital Imaging Specialty, online training is a recommended option and you can signup with Malibu Divers directly by calling (310) 456-2396.
  • How soon can we expect our PADI eLearning accounts or access passes after we register?
We usually turn this around in about 24-48 hours.
  • Scuba BSA: It is 2-3 hours, does scout need to notify their merit badge counselor and make up for the time he will be using for the dive? Or you will be diving at off session? Do we register ahead of time to save spots or we can register when we get there? 
When you arrive at Camp, you should come to the Dive Locker to arrange with Malibu Divers for a time when the scout is "off session" or the scout will have to notify the merit badge counselor and make up for the time missed.  Yes, please register ahead of time to save and pay for your spots to ensure we can plan our staff resources. If it is an especially busy week, we may not be able to guarantee your spot without pre-registration.   Please remember cancellations within 24 hours of your spot will forfeit your payment.
  • Discover local diving. I know you need to test/review all divers for their in-water skills. You have minimum of 2 day dives and one night dive will be scheduled each week. Do we need to book spots in advance too? 
We do about 4 - 5 in-water skills to ensure divers are ready and comfortable to dive. If not, then divers will have to either do a SCUBA review program or only participate in SCUBA BSA. Yes, we do have some minimum day times and night dives, but it always varies each week based on resources, and weather conditions. Occasionally, we cannot dive at all due to conditions that day.  Please book your spots in advance.
  • What is DAN dive insurance? Do I really need dive accident insurance? I have primary medical coverage. Where do we buy it? Can we buy from you?
DAN Dive Insurance is dive accident insurance. Some medical insurance policies do not cover accidents when they occur during diving. You can buy it online or you can buy it from Malibu Divers directly.  You need to join DAN first as a member and then pick one of 3 plans available. 
  • For all specialty programs. Do you require the scouts/adults who want to participate to be PADI certified already? or anyone can just join? Do they need to know how to dive? You listed 2 or 3 dives for this program.
All diving specialty programs require that the divers be already certified; it does not have to be PADI. It can be any legitimately recognized Training Agency at the equivalent levels.  Please make sure to let us know what Training Agency and Level of Certification you currently hold. Yes, they do need to know how to dive and be ready to dive - comfortable and confident! A checkout or DLD dive is required for all Specialty training except for PPB, but you should still be comfortable, confident and ready to dive.  Non diving specialties such as Project Aware or EFR, Emergency First Response are open to non divers.
  • EFR, and O2 Admin/First Aid. How do we enroll? it requires no diving, and no age limit. In one of your brochure, you mention that the scouts can add EFR and First Aid to their scuba MB program. How do they enroll in this program? When is it going to be conducted? Can anyone take this including the non-scuba scouts?
You enroll by calling Malibu Divers, (310) 456-2396 for EFR and O2 Admin/First Aid.  it will be conducted at mutually agreeable time during the week; it will likely be one evening. Yes, anyone can take these courses including non diving scouts.
  • Project Aware, how do scouts enroll for this? is it open for adult too? When should we enroll and how?
Scouts enroll by calling Malibu Divers (310) 456-2396 during our normal business hours. Yes, it is open to all scouts and adults.
  • Do divers camp with their troop or in a special area/campground with other scuba divers?
Divers camp with their troop.

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