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Go Dry - Stay Dry - Dive Dry

Comfort is a desire of all divers. When divers dive outside their "comfort zone," enjoyment and motivation gradually decrease, and diving stops. Cold is a key factor affecting comfort. And the cold does not have to be bone chilling to affect the diver's enjoyment or safety. Symptoms can be as simple as loss of motivation and energy. These subtle effects have been defined by physiologists as "unjustified fatigue."

The advantages of diving dry vs. diving wet are dramatically illustrated by the comparative levels of warmth at increased depth. NO CONTEST.

Each diver has a different "comfort zone." Wetsuits provide a very narrow "comfort zone" with little room for adjustment. Their performance is impacted by fit, diving depth, and changing environmental demands. As a result, many wetsuit divers are on the edge of, or outside, their "comfort zone," often resulting in discomfort and fatigue: An unsafe situation.

The modern dry suit systems consist of a shell suit to keep you dry, and insulated garments to keep you warm. This approach allows each diver to adjust the level of insulation for their own personal "comfort zone." These modern dry suit systems also maintain their insulation at depth.


The compression factor: increased depth means increased pressure. The dry suit system's compression-resistant insulation means warmth and comfort at all depths. To a wetsuit diver, compression means decreased insulation. A wetsuit offers 1/2 its original insulation at 33 feet, 1/3 at 66 feet, and merely 1/4 at 99 feet. Decreasing insulation at potentially colder depths is uncomfortable and can have dangerous results.


No current wetsuit system allows the diver to make the individual adjustments required to maintain performance with changing depth.

As a pioneer and leader in the field, DUI (and others) provides a wide variety of drysuit and insulation strategies to meet the broad thermal protection, comfort, and performance requirements of divers. This is made possible by DUI's innovative materials and designs. There is a difference.

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