Jonathan Santini

Pepperdine SCUBA Club President, Divemaster

Jon first became a diver in Texas, but went on to receive more advanced certifications during his enlistment in the Navy. 

Malibu Divers brought him in to become a professional diver and is now a PADI Divemaster.
He worked at Camp Emerald Bay on Catalina Island helping to teach scuba and now serves as the president of the Pepperdine Scuba Club. 

Q: What do you enjoy doing?
A: I enjoy developing my farmer’s burn. When I’m not playing hopscotch, I’m helping homeless people move boulders across the beach to build meditation platforms. My greatest goal in life is to find a Jack Sparrow hat. 

Q: Where do you enjoy diving the most? 
A: I enjoy diving the most where there are diving boards because they are meant for diving. (AKA I have no experience.)

Q: What's your spirit fish?
A: Starfish (because I’m a star.) 

Scuba Name?  TBD

Scuba Kit? 

  • Computer - Aqualung i300
  • BCD - ScubaPro SeaHawk
  • Regulator - Aqualung Titan Classic
  • Exposure Suits - HydroFlex Men's 7/6mm Fullsuit
  • Fins - Scubapro Jet Fin w/spring strap

Favorite Dive Spot?  Camp Emerald Bay