Joseph Fasano

Rescue Diver

My name is Joseph Fasano, the son of Michael Fasano. I volunteer a couple of hours a week at Malibu Diver's after school. I learn so many cool skills and got to work next to Mason, and the legend himself, Carter Crary.

My dad and Carter were great friends, and loved to scuba dive together in beautiful destinations like Palau and Galapagos. I got certified at the age of twelve and it was a great experience. I am now currently working towards my Master Scuba Diver certification. Carter was the one who taught me how to dive and brought me to Catalina.

I am also a big baseball fan- I love to watch it as well as play. I used to play on a travel team but the season just ended. I play mostly as a catcher and 3rd baseman and short stop.

Losing my Dad to cancer was hard for me, but when I am at Malibu Diver's I am surrounded by people with the same personality as my dad.

Scuba Name?  Little Dog

Scuba Kit?

  • Computer - 
  • BCD - 
  • Regulator - 
  • Exposure Suits - 

Favorite Dive Spot?