About Malibu, Malibu Divers & Scuba Diving History

Malibu Divers—our unique history and qualifications

Few people know that recreational scuba diving began in the United States of America with a dive conducted amongst friends off the Los Angeles / Malibu coast of Little Dume, Point Dume in Malibu. One of those friends was the pioneer of diving, Jacques Cousteau. That's right, Cousteau dived off Malibu in 1948. From those humble beginnings, diving has blossomed into a worldwide activity that more than one million people learn how to do every year.

Malibu Divers has been training and supporting divers in Malibu and the surrounding Los Angeles community for over forty years. Founded by legendary waterman and Olympic volleyball player Mike Bright, Malibu Divers has been in its current location ever since. Founded in the late sixties, the shop supported the mainly hunting oriented devotees. The gear was difficult to use and the physical requirements to dive were high. Modern gear innovations and advances in training have made learning to dive a simple and easy process. Three owners and over forty years later, Malibu Divers has grown into one of the premiere diving facilities in the USA and World. Malibu Divers was one of the first facilities in Los Angeles County to adopt the training standards from the Professional Association of Diving Instructors in the seventies. PADI has grown into the largest and most recognized training agency for recreational diving in the world. Malibu Divers has always been on the cutting edge of new technology and techniques. From the introduction of single hose regulators, buoyancy control devices and dive computers to the current use of dry suits, rebreathers, enriched air nitrox, and technical diving techniques Malibu Divers staff and instructors have been leading the way in diving innovation and service.

Located next to the La Costa Post Office at 21231 Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu, California, Malibu Divers is a full service diving facility that provides personal service to each individual customer. The staple of any diving facility is obviously diving. Malibu Divers offers diving opportunities from the local waters in Malibu and the Channel Islands (rated as one of the top ten diving destinations on the planet) to numerous destinations around the world. Malibu Divers has a full range of training; opportunities from beginning PADI Open Water training through the highest instructor and technical diving levels. 

If you're coming for a brief visit or even an extended stay in the Los Angeles or southern California area, there are a number and variety of local hotel accommodations available.

Current owner Carter Crary likes to say, to say, "Take your self underwater and leave the training to us." The shop has a large selection of diving and snorkeling gear. The friendly staff is always willing to help with questions regarding gear or advice on where to dive or snorkel both locally or at a vacation destination. Malibu Divers history has allowed for the forging of long lasting relationships with premiere operators around the world. The staff always seems to know whom the best people are to hook up with for great service at almost any place on the globe. The shop also has an ever-changing selection of clothing for both men and women. There just always seems to be something new to check out at the store. 

The key to Malibu Divers success is their focus on the customer and each individual's needs. Both divers and non-divers alike will find a visit an enjoyable and relaxing experience. Carter goes on to say, "We like to view each client as unique and special. Our goal is to provide the best service that people have ever experienced in or out of the diving industry. We welcome anyone whether they want to learn to dive, have been diving for fifty years or just want to hangout." Diving provides a unique and exciting lifestyle. Life has become more stressful with long commutes and traffic jams occurring on an almost daily basis. Diving provides a break from the daily grind. Malibu Divers Director of Training Barbara Gentile-Crary likes to put it this way, "Underwater is the one place where there are no cell phones, pagers, traffic or bad days. Diving changed my life and I love to see how it changes the lives of each and every student I help to learn to dive. There are so many great things to experience with diving I just hope I can find the time to do it all."