Matteo Indelicato

IDC Staff Instructor

PADI IDC Staff and EFR Instructor, Matteo has been a certified diver since the mid 1990s. He has enjoyed his career in international business and the entertainment industry for many years, but diving imparts an unmatched, peaceful sense of mind and body wellness. Understanding the healthy benefits that diving provides him, Matteo felt inspired to share his experience with others which inspired him to advance his training and become an instructor. He wanted to learn from the best and that quest led him to Malibu Divers, Barbara, and the rest of the staff.

Matteo also enjoys above water activities as an accomplished sailor and kayak fisherman and also has a passion and talent for playing the piano, banjo, and Ukulele. Along with Carter Crary and Lil’ Dog Fascano, Matteo is a founding member of the Malibu Ukulele Orchestra.

Matteo can be found here in LA and part time in the state of Nevada (Las Vegas) taking care of family.  

Scuba Name?  Scubatteo

Scuba Kit?

  • Computer - Suunto Gecko
  • BCD - Sherwood
  • Regulator -Aqualung
  • Exposure Suits - Aqualung Fusion and Excel Thermoflex

Favorite Dive Spot? Chuuk

Join Matteo on one of his many dives.