Beyond The Basics

After the Sun Goes Down, See Your Favorite Dive Sites in a Whole New Light.

The Night Specialty program might seem a little scary at first. You might think about sharks and other fish that seem threatening at that time of day. The reality is that just like during the daylight hours, marine life just isn't any more interested in eating us than at night.

You can experience your first night dive as part of your Advanced Open Water (or Adventure) program if you've selected as one of your three elective dives. It will count as one of three of your Night Dives required for certification in this specialty. Or you can dive right into this Night Specialty if that's better for you.

Night dives can start taking place at sunset (twilight), after sunset or before sunrise. This course is primarily practical in content, with the minimum of self study academic / theory instruction. The focus is being securely fixed on the practicalities of safe diving at night! This course is designed to be an introduction to night diving and to help the student divers develop the skills, knowledge and techniques necessary to safely participate in night-diving activities in a fun and enjoyable way.

What You Learn
  • Night dive planning, organization, procedures, techniques and potential problems
  • How to control your buoyancy at night
  • Entries, exits and underwater navigation at night
  • Nocturnal aquatic life, since many of the plants and animals you'll see are different
  • At least PADI Open Water Diver (PADI Junior Open Water Diver or equivalent) 
  • 12 years old is the minimum age requirement
  • The Learning Materials You Need
 Night Diving - there's really nothing like it. With the right training and a little bit of planning, night dives can be as easy as diving during the day. PADI's Night Diver crewpak (manual and video on DVD) will help you prepare for your first night dives with your Malibu Diver PADI Instructor. You'll also need some lights (Main, backup and marker) and a compass. To purchase or rent these products, contact Malibu Divers

Your Next Adventure
This Specialty course certification also counts as one of five Specialty certifications required for Master Scuba Diver certification. If you are interested in further broadening your knowledge in becoming an underwater conservationist, you'll also enjoy these specialty courses: Take your navigation skills to new levels with the PADI Underwater Navigator course. Get your buoyancy dialed in with the PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy course. Recognize what those critters are on your night dive with the AWARE REEF/Fish Identification course and then snap their photo with precision with the Digital Underwater Photography

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