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About Paradise Cove Beach Cafe

Paradise Cove - unique history

“The Rockford Files,” which ran from 1974 to 1980, helped launch James Garner to stardom and put Malibu on the map, showing off beautiful landscape around Paradise Cove. Other shows back in the 1950's and 60's such as Gidget, Sea Hunt (our favorite), Beach Blanket Bingo and many others were all filmed at Paradise Cove. 

 The Morris family bought the Paradise Cove land back then for $3,500 to $25,000 an acre, expanded their holdings and still own it today.  Back then, it was frequented by fisherman by boat or from a barge that was there.  (Checkout the photos inside the restaurant when you go.)  The family successfully grew and continued to buy and develop other waterfront properties from San Diego to Malibu.  The family owned and operated success for Paradise Cove Beach and Cafe is true story book that we get to enjoy again and again.
If you're coming for a brief visit or even an extended stay in the Los Angeles or southern California area, plan to visit Paradise Cove while you are here. Plan to take several hours to hang out to walk the beach, SCUBA diving, snorkel, and eat.

Mobile Homes

Few places compare for the price for living in Paradise.  Paradise Cove, Malibu is what we're talking about here. You can find many million dollar plus mobile homes in a trailer park. This trailer park comes with many amenities (clubhouse, tennis court, basketball court, children's playground) including the private beach and Beach Cafe. The ocean view is spectacular.  Several owners have golf carts to easily traverse the area.  The park itself was built in the early 1960's with about 70 homes as a vacation spot with beach rentals. Years later, it was sold and now over 270 homes can be found here.


APRIL - LA Waterkeeper's Annual Stand-up For Clean Water paddleboard races! Over 350 people gather at Paradise Cove on a Saturday and raise money for LA County's clean water future! The support to LA Waterkeeper is able to continue the fight to protect and restore the Santa Monica Bay, San Pedro Bay, LA River and adjacent waters through enforcement, fieldwork and community action. 

JULY FIREWORK SHOW(S) - throughout the year, privately funded displays happen once the sun goes down on 4th of July and other times.

DECEMBER - Annual Christmas Woodie (Car) Parade takes place on a Sunday afternoon. Woodie owners, families and friends met at Paradise Cove Beach Cafe then headed down PCH, making an appearance at the Colony Plaza before heading to Civic Center Way and into Serra Retreat where are joined by a classic horse-drawn carriage. It’s quite the sight to see: a wide variety of woodies and vintage cars decorated for the holidays, parading throughout the streets of Malibu.