Steve Tropp

Master Scuba Diver Trainer

Stephen Tropp began his diving career in the compulsory military service of Czar Nicholas on loan to the Polish Navy. Tropp was an early convert to the "ditch" technique of military diving. Trained initially to dive in full combat armor, he was quick to discover that this configuration had certain drawbacks. The armor was, in addition to being extremely heavy, prone to rust after extended bottom times. These extended bottom times were often inevitable due to the aforementioned excessive weight of the suits. He also discovered that the heavy metal suits were an indirect cause of a diminishing supply of qualified divers and resulted in prohibitive training costs. 

On the positive side, however, DCS was rarely a problem insofar as ascents, rapid or otherwise, occurred infrequently. Former members of his unit however, make up a dandy artificial reef for those inclined to take a truly special dive vacation. Upon return to civilian life, Tropp developed several distinctive specialties which he continues to teach. For example, lawn slide "drift" diving using a sheet of plastic and a common garden hose is a popular Midwest dive challenge. The techniques learned here can be modified in exceptional conditions with the addition of a wading pool, Koi pond, and 10 pounds of frozen shrimp. 

In addition, Tropp remains committed to research in the dive community. For example, he was a test subject in the now famous Showercurtain/Windtunnel Effect Experiments recently published in Scientific Albanian. A seven time runner-up for the coveted Darwin Award, Tropp remains committed to the Malibu Divers community. Steve was currently "on loan" to the country of Israel, but he is back to us forever.  On a more serious note, Steve was instrumental in recovery efforts in New Orleans for weeks because he is a true humanitarian.

His other office is (and as the Malibu Diver lawyer) where he is "of counsel" at the renowned law firm of Rosenfeld, Meyer & Susman LLP in Beverly Hills, California.

Scuba Name?   Land Shark

Scuba Kit?

  • Computer - 
  • BCD - 
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  • Exposure Suits - 

Favorite Dive Spot?  Bonaire