Taylor Goff

Assistant Instructor

My name is Taylor Goff and I am currently at Pepperdine University just up PCH from the Dive Shop. I started diving when I was 12 and was certified in the local reservoir back home in Colorado. I began to pursue diving more seriously after a trip to Cozumel, Mexico and in the next year I completed my Advanced Open Water and also Rescue Diver. After completing Divemaster with Barbara, we began working to develop the Pepperdine SCUBA Club which helps Pepperdine Students interested in all kinds of Diving. 

I am currently an Assistant Instructor at Malibu Divers and looking to expand the Pepperdine SCUBA program so that as many students as possible can experience SCUBA. 

During the summer, I work at the Downtown Aquarium back home in Denver, Colorado as a Dive Guide and Mermaid Wrangler (yes they do exist... in Colorado at least). 

Scuba Name?   Taylor

Scuba Kit?

  • Computer - Oceanic Pro Plus 2
  • BCD - Hollis Aluminum Backplate with S-Series Wing
  • Regulator - Oceanic FDX 10 1st stage and Eos 2nd Stage
  • Exposure Suits - O'Neil 7mm J-type

Favorite Dive Spot?  Hands down, it would be the Spectre boat trips out to Anacapa Island, although you never know what you might see just beyond the beaches in Malibu.