Beyond The Basics

Why Take a Digital Photo/Video Course from Malibu Divers?

  • We offer our Open Water Diver course (optionally) bundled with the Digital Underwater Photographer and Enriched Air Diver, Boat Diver or Peak Performance Buoyancy courses. We can expand your Open Water Diver course to five dives and send you home with three certifications for the weekend, not just one.
  • If you're a snorkeler, diver in training and Discover Scuba Diver can participate in Level One certifications. When you get your mask, fin and snorkel ask about adding photography or videography.
  • Show your friends what you have learned and the photos you have taken.
  • Take a look at the photos in our classroom, our videos on Youtube and  in our gallery; you too can have your pictures posted.
  • Our instructors are experienced professional underwater photographers and videographers who sell their work and understand what it takes and share their experience and knowledge.
When can you start? Today. Start your Underwater Digital Photography Course On-line!


The PADI Digital Underwater Photographer Course Online includes all the knowledge development requirements for the course. If you want to take digital photos and video underwater this course will teach you how. In the first two sections, the focus is primarily on still photography whether you take digital still images with a camera or camcorder. Section Three covers some specific tips on how to image quality underwater video with digital cameras.


**Need an Underwater Photographer or Videographer for your next event or next dive, hire a professional, email us! We have professional underwater photographers and videographers available.

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