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PADI Wreck Diver Specialty

The lure of exploring sunken vessels, airplanes and automobiles is something that appeals to most divers, though for many different reasons. You may find yourself attracted to the challenge of exploring the wreck by penetrating it's many levels. Or it maybe a fascination with its historical nature of how it became underwater, thereby reliving the history of who and what was on it. Underwater photographers also love wrecks for their typically magnificent wide-angle picture potential or diffuse light shining from deep within it, while those interested in sea life like the fact that wrecks quickly become artificial reefs for any number of surprising things. Wreck sites range from those open to novice to those only accessible and penetrable by the most experienced technical divers. We will introduce you to wreck diving and help you develop the skills and knowledge necessary for fun, and most importantly, safe wreck diving.

This course is all about fun, safe wreck diving. The best way to learn how to wreck dive is by doing it. We also highly recommend that you consider either an Enriched Air/Nitrox class to increase your bottom time and safety or a Dry Suit Specialty to provide you with extra warmth for these dives. These extras have been specially packaged so that you can experience just how exciting it is to achieve your Wreck Specialty - without getting too cold or cutting your dive time too short.

Includes: classroom session, 4 ocean dives over a two days  all class materials, and certification card

Options: Add Enriched Air/Nitrox Specialty or Dry Suit Specialty which includes pool session, and 2 additional dives  and rental dry suit, if available & suitable.

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Wreck Dive Specialty Locations & Adventures:
  • Los Angeles Wrecks in Santa Monica Bay - The class is limited to six students. Suggested equipment for students: reel and SMB (surface marker buoy)
  • San Diego - dives at La Jolla Cove and at Wreck Alley (Ruby E & Yukon) one night hotel stay (DBL occupancy)

Minimum Age for this Course: 15 years old 

* Minimum pre-requisite certification level: Adventure Diver or equivalent.

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