Top 5 Reasons To Try Scuba Diving

Los Angeles, CA – October 31, 2013 –You have made it to our website for a reason. You probably wouldn't be checking out a diving website unless you were interested in trying scuba diving. Wherever you are right now, a smart move would be to think a little bit more about saying sayanara to the world above the water's surface and take a turn diving under it. 

Why is this an adventure worth your effort? Read on for the top five reasons to try Scuba Diving.


Lobster Diving: A "Tail" for the Breakfast Table

Los Angeles, CA – October 17, 2013 – It's almost dark; only a quarter moon will light the sky tonight. Excited divers dot the beaches along the southern coast of California. As the sun sets, the divers make last minute preparations to enter the water in Malibu, California. Adrenalin is pumping -- you know your dive buddy is with you, but you are alone with the thoughts in your head. You wonder what creatures you will discover in the darkness. You force yourself to slow your breathing and focus. You enter the water. The hunt is on; spiny lobster season is in full swing from Saturday, September 28, 2013 through Wednesday, March 19, 2014.


Scuba Divers Remove Over 350 Pounds of Debris at Malibu Pier

Los Angeles, CA – September 23, 2013 – During a 3-hour period, about 30 divers dragged, bagged and carried over 350 pounds of debris on to the beach to be sorted, reviewed and counted at the 2013 Coast Cleanup Day. The most unusual items found included 1 ½ Ganesha statutes, a sign that said “Warning Hazardous Bacterial Level – No Swimming, No Diving” and remnants of a bird cage.


Local Boy Scout Organizes Malibu Ocean and Beach Clean-Up for His Eagle Scout Project

Los Angeles, CA – April 18, 2013 – With Earth Day on April 22, 2013, a local boy scout and members of his local troop will be in the final stages of preparation for one scout’s eagle service project – removing trash and debris from our ocean and beach.


Heart Health & Scuba

Our health is something we take for granted when we are younger or until something happens. Of course, we think about it.  We exercise, we try to eat right and as a nation we struggle mostly with our weight.


Is This Fish Safe to Eat?

Mercury in Seafood

Science is bringing new technology to our docks, retail stores and our home to soon be able to know with more assurance that the fish we have to eat is safe.


California Coastal Cleanup 2011

Winner of 2011 Coastal Cleanup

Divers Recover Fishing Rods & Reels, Car Bumper, 40 Pounds of Debris from Malibu Pier

Program Strives to Decrease the Amount of Debris that Enters the Water and Educates Others to be more responsible in their waste management.