Enriched Air Dive Computer Simulator

Enriched Air Diver

The PADI EANx Computer Diving Simulator is a useful tool when first learning about Enriched Air or Nitrox diving.

When you attend an Enriched Air Nitrox class, your Malibu Diver Instructor will use an enriched air nitrox (EANx) dive computer simulator instead of the traditional RDP tables to get the most out of your EAN course and your equipment.  As a diver you will learn the basics of EANx dive computer use when you download the PADI EANx Computer Diving Simulator - directions and an access code are provide inside your manual or from your eLearning EANx course.

The EANx Computer Diving Simulator is the perfect tool to really learn the fundamentals when you are either reviewing your knowledge development prior to completing the practical application segment, or as quick review for you when you are completing the PADI Enriched Air Diver Course Online.

When using the EANx Computer Dive Simulator, you'll notice that it is two tools - a simulated oxygen analyzer and a simulated enriched air computer.

The PADI Oxygen Analyzer simulator is a basic introduction to an analyzer and reinforces the proper enriched air cylinder analysis procedure. For example, divers using the simulator are asked to pick a cylinder mix then "given" the analyzer along with two cylinders - one containing air and one containing enriched air. If divers attempt to analyze the enriched air cylinder before calibrating the analyzer using the air cylinder they are stopped and corrected. After successfully analyzing the enriched air cylinder, divers are asked if the cylinder mix can be used for the planned dive.

The PADI EANx Computer Diving Simulator itself comes with two short tutorials that explain a multilevel enriched air dive and how oxygen exposure can limit enriched air dives. But, itis the Interactive Dive Mode that will likely have divers fascinated. Here, divers select a mix on the simulated computer, elect to compare with an air computer and participate in repetitive dive profiles - by moving the simulated diver through the graph, completing a surface interval and diving again. The graph has + and - symbols so divers can increase or decrease the time (in minutes) displayed by the graph. This allows for repetitive diving and demonstrates how oxygen exposure increases while maximum allowable bottom time decreases during subsequent dives.  

Please note that, as with the PADI Oxygen Analyzer, use of the PADI EANx Computer Diving Simulator does not replace the practical application portion of the PADI Enriched Air Diver course. It is a basic overview of enriched air dive computer workings and allows for a direct comparison to an air computer using the same dive profile. In addition, the PADI EANx Computer Diving Simulator cannot be substituted as an EANx calculator to plan enriched air dives.


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