Heart Health & Scuba

Our health is something we take for granted when we are younger or until something happens. Of course, we think about it.  We exercise, we try to eat right and as a nation we struggle mostly with our weight.

Scuba diving while safer when compared to many other outdoor and physical activities is no place to find out we have a heart problem or any other major medical aliment because their is little margin for error.
How do you know if you are scuba ready?  Get a regular annual check-up, review any medical changes or new prescriptions with doctor and dive instructor and call DAN, Divers Alert Network.  If you need a referral to a "diving" doctor that understands scuba health, ask us.  We know several who are great!

What about scuba diving after a heart transplant?  Most people who don't know - would probably think - never to get in the water again!  Turns out that there are people who have had heart transplants and gone on to dive. Scuba diving has helped people recover from their heart challenges.

If you've been injured or suffered a serious medical condition and would like to scuba dive, we have trained HSA instructors to support your needs.


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