Scuba Diving Gear for the 21st Century: Apps for Your Android

Android Apps For Scuba Diving

Los Angeles, CA – March 25, 2014 –Android apps for your phone or tablet may not yet have attained the level of essential scuba diving gear or accessories, but you can bet you will live long enough to see that change. The following suggestions for apps to download to your phone or tablet computer may not yet qualify as the kind of scuba diving gear you cannot do without, but many of them may already have the power to enhance your love of the sport.

DiveMate USB 
Most of the big names in the world of dive computers are compatible with this Android app that allows easy downloading of your information into a highly useful log. Keeping a diving log allows you to remember the specifics of locations where you experienced your most memorable dives as well as keep track of areas you want to avoid in the future. While manual logs may be a more natural medium for more experiential recording of dives, apps like DiveMate USB are hard to beat for accurate and comprehensive logging of things like depth, air calculations, temperatures, etc. Once you've downloaded the information, DiveMate offers a number of tools to provide extensive analysis of technical specs like pressure and temperature annotated with features like notes and images. One of the aspects of DiveMate USB that makes it come very close to being essential scuba diving gear is the ability to manage much of this analysis offline and without the need to be connected to your mobile signal or the internet.

A bit less sophisticated and with a limited number of dives allowed using the free version, Scuba Log is an Android app that does exactly what is says. Record your dive locations using your device's GPS software and then record information like time and date, equipment, weather, notations and pictures. GPS information is especially important for those who dive from a boat.  Scuba Log is an improvement over keeping a manual log for keeping track of exact coordinates and bearing information so that you can return to the exact spot of a previous dive. While lacking the significant features for transfer that come with DiveMate USB, Scuba Log is a still a nifty little bit of diving gear for users of Dropbox. In addition to sharing your log via Dropbox, the information can also be sent as a web page through email. Scuba newbies would probably benefit more from this Android app until they get the experience to need what DiveMate USB can add to the game. 
Essential scuba diving gear includes the air you breathe, right? Scuba Buddy is a highly rated Android app that lets you perform all the calculations needed to ensure that what you've got in your tanks is exactly enough for what you need. Nitrox supplies can be calculated to check for everything from the maximum depth to the ideal blend. Calculations for air provide massively valuable statistics for everything you need to know to dive with full confidence about getting back to the surface safely. Scuba Buddy enhances its standing as a potentially essential piece of scuba diving gear in the future by letting you keep track of servicing, create checklists for different types of dives and contain emergency numbers. As a diver, you already know to use your checklist. Just in case, you can't find it, keep it on your phone. 

Have a favorite app or want to see one be developed for a particular need? Tell us and if you want to talk more about scuba diving gear or anything else related to diving, please contact us.


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