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Scuba Certification Card - Missing, Lost & Replacement

Your scuba diving certification card is proof that you’ve successfully completed your PADI training. Your certification when filed with PADI will remain as a permanent record on file under the full name and birth date you used when earned. When providing proof of certification, it is recommended that you provide proof of training, i.e. your certification card for the type of diving you will be doing.  For example, if you want to get a cylinder filled with enriched air, bring your Enriched Air certification card.  If you plan on deep or wreck diving, bring your Specialty cards.


Whether you want to replace or update your card, purchase a limited edition or Project AWARE card, or you’re inquiring about your card that has yet to arrive – this is the place to be.


Missing your Card? Need to Replace Your PADI Scuba Certification Card?

If you got certified at Malibu Divers, chances are that we have your card (if it wasn't a million years ago...). Call us (310) 456-2396 or email us with your full name, (first, last and middle initial) and birth date and best guess of the date of when you were certified. If we don't have it, we can likely order it for you.  For the fastest delivery, order a replacement card by sending us your credit card information and a digital photo. We can create a temporary replacement card that will be honored at any PADI dive store or resort and we can produce it almost on the spot and send you a scan. Your permanent card can be sent in the mail.


Need to upgrade your PADI Junior Diver certification card to a regular certification card?
You can order a new card online as long as you meet the minimum age requirement of 15-years or older, which means you’ll no longer have age-related restrictions while scuba diving. Or you can wait until you take your next course, the certification system will automatically produce the upgraded card should you meet the minimum age requirement.  


Waiting for your certification card to arrive?
You can typically expect your certification card to arrive just a couple of weeks from the time your Malibu Diver instructor submits the paperwork. If you’ve been waiting for more than a month, please contact us.


Problem with your new certification card or need to change your name or contact information?
If there is a spelling error or other problem with your new certification card, we can help, please contact us.


Been a while since your last dive? 

Been a while since your last dive or feel rusty?  

Take a scuba review or tune-up before your next dive adventure. Sign-up for eLearning (online) and then contact us to review your gear and skills in the pool. Want to dive with a Professional?  We can do that.