Beyond The Basics

Why dive dry? Simply to stay warm!

No one said diving has to be cold or wet. Diving dry is the difference between withstanding the 50 to 70°F temperature of some waters to enjoy watching the graceful ballet of a sea lion or simply not diving at all. More often than not, in colder waters, dry suit diving can be the difference between experiencing multiple dives in one day or making one chilly wet suit dive and listening to others tell you about what you've missed. After all, this sport is supposed to be about having fun, not seeing who can tough it out. With a dry suit and the appropriate thermal insulation, you can dive warm and comfortable no matter what the water temperature is. Now that's what I call fun!

Dry suits are not just for professionals and advanced divers! Of course, those who know the most about diving and who are doing it most frequently will gravitate to the most efficient and most comfortable way to achieve the desired results.

Why once you go dry, you never go back? Read why.


This course is all about comfortable, safe diving in a dry suit. The best way to learn how to dive in a dry suit is by doing it. Thus, you will learn just how fun and easy it is to extend your underwater adventure in cold water - without getting cold or wet. This quick and easy course includes home study, a classroom session, diving in the pool to learn safe diving techniques, and two dives in the ocean.

You can now include a dry suit while in your Open Water, Adventure Diver or Advanced Open Water class, and earn a dry suit specialty at the same time, too! 

Includes: classroom, pool diving, dry suit rental (subject to size and availability*), 2 ocean dives over a single weekend day when in Catalina at Casino Point Marine Park, roundtrip transport to Avalon aboard Catalina Express or 3 ocean dives regularly scheduled weekend day dive boat, all class materials, and certification card.

Program Dive Options:

Call for pricing, sizing and availability

  • Catalina weekend day, 2 dives
  • Boat weekend day, 3 dives
  • Concurrent with Open Water, Adventure Diver or Advanced Open Water program
  • Private programs available, too


Safe, Comfortable, Easy 

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