Grant Graves

Course Director

Grant is a PADI Course Director with thirty-three Specialty Instructor Trainer ratings. In addition, he is a PADI Emergency First Response Instructor Trainer and DAN Examiner. Grant has a Bachelor of Science in marine biology from Long Beach State. He is an USCG licensed captain. He is a certified EMT and a DMT. He holds certifications as a Trimix Instructor/Trainer with DSAT, TDI and IANTD. He is a rebreather instructor. He is one of the developers of the DSAT Tec Deep, Tec Trimix and TDI programs. He was a training officer for the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department Marine Company Dive Team and was a civilian volunteer as well as a US federal agency instructor trainer for their Los Angeles dive team. 

He is owner of the production companies Scuba and Film Enterprises, LLC and Aquamentary. He is an award winning director and director of photography. His project, a documentary titled Sink Faze, was awarded the Aloha Accolade Award for Excellence in Filmmaking at the 2009 Honolulu International Film Festival. He is a prolific author and photographer with articles and photographs appearing in the major diving publications. He is a staff writer for He pioneered the transformational economy approach for the business of diving and precision diving. He is active as an advisor sitting on several boards and performs expert witness services. 

Grant is President of the United States Apnea Association, USAA , which fields the US Freediving Team. He is the North American Vice President of the International Association for the Development of Apnea, AIDA, He is an International Freediving Judge Instructor, having received the iCARE Best International Freediving Judge Award for 2008. 

He is the West Coast Coordinator for the Cambrian Foundation. It is a 501 (c) 3 not for profit foundation that leads the way in research, education, exploration and preservation of the aquatic realm through facilitation of research in areas traditional science has difficulty accessing. He has participated in many of the foundation's activities including the NOAA USS Monitor Expeditions and the Akumal Cave Expeditions. 

Grant enjoys cave exploration and done exploration in Nohoch Nah Chich (the world's longest underwater cave system), as well as systems in Brazil, Honduras, Florida and California. He is the Southern California Regional Safety Officer for the National Association for Cave Diving, and a member of the Cave Rescue and Recovery Team.

Scuba Name?   none

Scuba Kit?

  • Computer - Suunto and others.
  • BCD - Scubapro, Dive Rite, etc.
  • Regulator - Scubapro, Atomic
  • Exposure Suits - DUI (Drysuit) CF 200, etc.

Favorite Dive Spot?   "Impossible for me, but California is always one for me." "I love so many places around the world and so many hold special moments and memories for me that are unique."

Favorite Meal?  Sushi