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Pointe Dume. Westward Beach - unique history

The Native Californian Chumash tribe inhabited this coastline for thousands of years and used this area as a sacred space.

In 1542, the point was an important navigational marker for Spanish explorer Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, but only received its name in 1793 when British sea captain George Vancouver named the craggy headlands Point Dume after Father Francisco Dumetz from the Mission San Buenaventura.  The name was misspelled on Vancouver's map as "Dume" and was never corrected. In the early 1980s, real estate development interests began pronouncing the name "du-MAY" and spelling it "Dumé"; this did not catch on.

During World War II, the U.S. Army used this site as an anti-aircraft artillery training area. It is believed that the top of the headlands was flattened after the war for commercial construction purposes.

In 1979, Point Dume was acquired by the State of California and is being carefully and gradually restored to its pristine state. 
If you're coming for a brief visit or even an extended stay in the Los Angeles or southern California area, plan to visit Pointe Dume while you are here. Plan to take several hours to hang out to walk the beach, SCUBA diving, snorkel, and eat and drink at Sunset Restaurant.


Point Dume area of is one of the most desirable places to own a home in Malibu. There are a variety of Point Dume real estate for sale. If you are looking for a place that offers a high quality of life, you cannot go wrong with choosing Point Dume, Malibu. Not only is Point Dume real estate located in one of the most beautiful areas of California, but it within close proximity of all the things that add to a high quality of life. Point Dume is one of the few Malibu neighborhoods that is located on the seaside of Pacific Coast Hwy. The Port Dume Plaza is full of shops and restaurants and is close to all Point Dume homes. The Point Dume Marine Science Elementary School is one of the highest rated schools in California. Automatic enrollment is reserved for Point Dume residents. If you prefer even more things to do and see, Point Dume CA homes are located within Malibu, which is world famous and full of exciting activities. Add that to quiet neighborhoods full of stunning Point Dume homes and a great school district, Point Dume real estate is enticing to home buyers.

If you are a beach lover, you will enjoy the Point Dume area of Malibu. Point Dume State Beach is perhaps one of the most well known beaches in all of the United States. Point Dume offers other pocket beaches which are private to the residents and offer good surfing and fishing. If you have been thinking about purchasing Malibu real estate in one of its most scenic areas, you might want to check out the variety of Point Dume homes for sale. Whether you enjoy rock climbing, surfing or just taking a walk along the beach, Point Dume real estate provides plenty of chances for you to experience these fun outdoor activities. Few places compare for the price for living in Paradise.  Paradise Cove, Malibu is what we're talking about here. You can find many million dollar plus mobile homes in a trailer park. This trailer park comes with many amenities (clubhouse, tennis court, basketball court, children's playground) including the private beach and Beach Cafe. The ocean view is spectacular.  Several owners have golf carts to easily traverse the area.  The park itself was built in the early 1960's with about 70 homes as a vacation spot with beach rentals. Years later, it was sold and now over 270 homes can be found here. 


YEAR ROUND With its close proximity to the film and television industry location, Point Dume's Westward Beach continues to be a popular filming location for films, television, advertisements, and videos, appearing frequently whenever a beach scene is needed.  Here's just a brief listing of the films shot here.
  • The Normandy landings of the film D-Day the Sixth of June
  • Planet of the Apes series
  • Iron Man and its sequels
  • The season 3 finale of Angel 
  • An episode of the television series Modern Family
  • The pilot episode of I Dream of Jeannie, which served as the deserted South Pacific Island where astronaut Tony Nelson's (Larry Hagman) capsule washed ashore and he released (Barbara Eden) Jeannie from 2,000 years of imprisonment.
  • The season 1 episode "Dominoes" of the television series Scorpion was mostly set at Point Dume.
JULY FIREWORK SHOW(S) - throughout the year, privately funded displays happen once the sun goes down on 4th of July and other times.

DECEMBER - Annual Christmas holidays, parading throughout the streets of Malibu.