Beginners Scuba

The Pool - Your Skill Development Experience
Learn to dive in a pool and don't take any problems into the ocean.

When you learn to develop new skills to dive or need a refresher or tuneup, you need a pool and environment that provides you with the best opportunity to learn and practice the skills.  Include a pool practice session, any time you need to refresh your skills or have new equipment you want to try out or get proficiency with before getting into the open water.

Malibu Divers utilizes a local pool.  It is a heated, outdoor Olympic-sized pool with 3 1/2 foot shallow end and 14 feet at the deep end.  Size does matter when it comes to pools.  When practicing descents and ascents, the difference between a 6 or 9 foot pool and a 14 foot deep pool is significant for an average sized adult who is 5' 6" and even more so, when you are 6'.  The pool is also kept clean and well balanced with less toxic chemicals (bromine) which are not as caustic on the skin, hair and eyes as chlorine. The locker room is nearby and parking is free. Nestled in the foothills of the Santa Monica mountains surrounded by beautiful palm trees on the prestigious campus overlooking the Pacific Ocean, you'll truly appreciate that this pool experience is included with your class. See the maps below for the pool.
Here's a summary of the pools in our area with terrific facilities; they are: 
1. Palisades High School Pool15777 Bowdoin Street, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272 (25yd x 30m)
2. Malibu High School Pool 30215 Morning View Drive Malibu CA 90265 (25m x 25yd, 13 feet deep)
3. Pepperdine University Pool Pepperdine Campus (50m x 25m)

Pool skills can also be taught in confined water.  Confined open water is an open water site that offers swimming pool-like conditions with respect to clarity, calmness, and depth. It has to have both shallow water and water sufficiently deep to allow divers to meet all skill performance requirements.  In southern California, there are a few places that qualify as confined open water.  Aquariums and large tanks may also qualify.

Private pools, such as at your home, schools, clubs or community pools also are available to be used. Please consult with us on any special needs you may have.