Ray Siegle

Dive Master

Growing up in Florida and with a father as a waterman and competitive sailor, I was bound to be involved in the ocean. Around 10 years old, I expanded my watermanship and started my SCUBA journey. We were in the Bahamas, my first dive buddy, my brother and I completed our pool skills in one day, and then in the beautiful ocean. I was hooked from day one and have been diving ever since. As an adult, my passions in the water are SCUBA diving, freediving, surfing and boating.

Being a professional Stuntman for nearly 20 years and wanting to expand my resume and usefulness as a Water Safety Diver for the entertainment business, I knew I needed to have more experience and knowledge as a diver. Thankfully, I found Malibu Divers. I am a much more confident and competent diver because of the training I have received here. After getting my PADI Rescue Diver certification here, I did not waste much time before getting my PADI Dive Master certification as well. Having my Dive Master certification has allowed me the opportunity to work for Malibu Divers, coordinate water safety jobs and to head up the dive department for VitalWarrior.org, a non profit organization designed by retired Navy SEAL, Mikal Vega. 

Nominated for the Screen Actors Guild Award for outstanding performance by a stunt ensemble in a motion picture Ray Siegle is known for his work on The Dark Knight Rises (2012), Iron Man (2008) and Iron Man 2 (2010).

Ray’s quick to add – “Another cool thing about SCUBA diving is, its never too late to learn! SCUBA is something you can start at any age and do for the rest of your life and trust me, I plan too!” We think Ray is the coolest member of our Dive Team!

Scuba Name?   Stingray

Scuba Kit?
  • Computer - SCUBA Pro Aladin 2g
  • BCD - DEEPSEA Supply back plate
  • Regulator - SCUBA Pro MK17/A700
  • Exposure Suits - 4/3 XCEL (yes, he does not get cold!)

Favorite Dive Spot? Anywhere there is water.

For personal or group instruction with me, please contact me via Malibu Divers below.