Tessa Page

Open Water Scuba & EFR Instructor


Tessa is a PADI OWSI, Open Water SCUBA Instructor and EFR, Emergency First Response, Instructor.  

At the age of 7 she decided she wanted to become a marine biologist, and patiently waited until she was 10 to become a junior open water diver. After that, her love for the ocean was set in stone, as was her never ending curiosity in the ocean world and its inhabitants. Since then, she has devoted her life to the ocean and education through researching the effects of climate change on marine organisms, teaching marine biology and biology, and teaching diving.  She earned her Masters degree at the Romberg Tiburon Center for Environmental Studies, San Francisco State University and her thesis was on understanding how porcelain crab exoskeletons and embryos change during exposure to lower pH.

Yes, she is our "nerdy" brilliant (& fun) marine biologist and does know everything about most of our underwater marine life including their scientific and common names. Just try to stump her, you won't!

You will never find her far from the water, either working as an adjunct professor in marine biology and biology at California Lutheran University or working here at Malibu Divers. 

Scuba Name?

Favorite Quote? 
"No blue, no green" Sylvia Earle

Scuba Kit?
  • Computer - TBD, looking at upgrading to a color, wireless model...
  • BCD - Dive-Rite Backplate, Transpac
  • Regulator - SCUBA Pro MK25 Evo/S620Ti
  • Exposure Suits - Aqualung SolAfx 8:7 (I think a drysuit is in her future)

Favorite Dive Spot? 
Golden Arch, Beqa Lagoon, Fiji

For personal or group instruction with me, please contact me via Malibu Divers below.