"Tanks" from YOU!

After 40 years, you'd think we have a long list of testimonials to present here. Well, we could if we took the time to write each and every one down, but you see we're busy - diving! We've been busy for many years serving you and having a ball while we do it.  We're still here because you have enjoyed diving with us.  We'll add some more over time...because some folks just like to know what we hear. But you don't get to have this much fun...and have lots of free time!

Check for us on the popular engines - but more importantly - ask your friends, associates and family for recommendations.  We'll add in a word of caution - be leery when you read reviews especially on Yelp.  At least one competitor has blatantly paid or posted phony positive reviews for themselves or slammed us with phony reviews.  We don't condone or resort to such tactics.  You have our promise that we will never stoop to this level.  At any time, if you're not happy or have any questions or concerns with a product or service, you have received from us - let us know by contacting us.

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YELP - Note: Yelp also filters out our good and valid reviews - so make sure to check the bottom of the page for filtered reviews.  (or Click here to download the Yelp filtered review.)