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The safety of our diving clients are our first priority and responsibility. Scuba diving can never be entirely risk-free. However, by adhering to standards whenever traveling and supervising divers who participate in our trips and programs, we can provide a strong basis from which we can better manage those risks and have fun in the process.   For you and everyone's safety and enjoyment, we require various forms, releases and waivers.  Please make sure to read all the information and if you have any questions or need assistance, contact us via email or call us. 

We’re big believers in preventing problems. We always recommend Travel insurance and DAN Insurance.  All trip members will receive our trip-specific travel and health recommendations. Additionally, some travelers on our more rigorous trips will be required to provide us with a completed Medical Questionnaire/Release. Malibu Divers reserves the right to disqualify anyone at any time before or during the trip for medical or psychological reasons. No refunds will be given once the trip commences. Some trips require a Medical Release from your physician(s). All health information is treated with the utmost confidence.

Forms: for all travel abroad (non-training)

Travel & Excursions Liability Release  required for each trip.

La Paz, Mexico -

Forms: for all local travel (non-training)

Our local diving consists of trips on boats and local beaches, and overnight trips to San Diego and beyond. 

All of the boats we charter will supply their own dive boat releases.  Go to the boats we charter for the individual links to each.

  • Beach & Boat Guided Dives with a Malibu Diver Professional - Certified Diver Liability releases. Needed each time you dive.