Vaclav Havlik


Vaclav (pronounced Vat-slav) born in the town of Sternberk in the Czech Republic, educated and trained as an electrician and an accountant, he came to the USA when he was 18 years old. 

He is a FII, Freediving Instructors International instructor and experienced freediver, successful magician/illusionist and actor, Vaclav brings his unique talents and experience which combines the mental fortitude and discipline of being a breath-hold athlete combined with his super creative performance side with his endeavors on stage. He is a perfect fit for Los Angeles with all of his talents to share and we're blessed to have him here. 

Vaclav has been performing his magic around the world for over 17 years. With nearly 4,000 shows under his belt, he's entertained everyone from Hollywood celebrities to CEO's of Fortune 500 companies. Vaclav has made a name for himself by combining his unique style, quick wit, and completely original magic and illusion, and is a regular entertainer for corporate and private events, as well as for clubs, theaters, hotels, casinos and colleges.  

Vaclav Havlik is known for his acting work on Misdirection (2010), Party Like the Rich and Famous (2012) and Darling Nikki (2015).

He has been a freediving instructor for over 10 years, assisting with freediving training since 2005 and then becoming a FII instructor, he has taught over 40 programs and certified over 100 individuals. His focus is always on safety first followed with having fun for you to have the best possible experience.  A music lover, you can also find him playing his guitar and singing on during the week nights with the Malibu Ukelele Orchestra.

If you'd like to learn to freedive with Vaclav, please send him an email here.

FreeDiver Name: Vaclav Havlik

Freediving Kit?

  • Mask - Aqua Sphere
  • Snorkel - Cressi J Snorkel
  • Fins - Hammerhead fiberglass (soft) Special fins monofin
  • Computer - Suunto D3
  • Exposure Suits - Oceaner 5mm yamamoto 45

Favorite Dive Spot? 

California (Catalina Island, Anacapa Island, Point Dume, La Jolla Cove),  British Columbia, (Ansel Place), Mexico (Yucatan Cenotes), Hawaii (Two Steps)


Join Vaclav on the next freediver program or spearfishing adventure boat trip.