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Ask Any Malibu Diver

It's for you. It's about you.  If you're wondering if diving is for you or are experiencing some challenges, this is the spot where you will hear from other divers who may have wondered or encountered similar issues about scuba diving on the way to to becoming a diver.  If you're a diver now, and have successfully overcome some anxiety or fears about diving, we want your story.

“Ask Any Malibu Diver” is an exciting, new human interest-driven diver spot, aimed at helping new divers into the underwater world of scuba diving.

We want your story and the best ones will be featured on our website.  You can submit a video, photo and audio file or written piece for capturing your story.  Submit your story to us.

Divers should submit a video for consideration in which they describe obstacles they overcame and explain how scuba diving changed their lives. Videos may be up to five minutes and in one of the following formats: .H264, .mov, .mp4, .wmv or Prores422lt. Unfortunately, .flv or .avi files cannot be accepted.

This new “Ask Any Malibu Diver” is aimed at tapping into your emotions to help others overcome their personal obstacles or preconceived notions of scuba diving. Regardless of what may have prevented you from diving in the past, our goal is to help you relate to the stories and persuade others to either become a diver, to keep diving or take the first step to becoming one.

Please note: Submitting a video does not guarantee the diver will be featured.